About Me

I have been making a full-time living on the internet since 2008, but dabbling in website creation since 2001. My end goal was, and still is, to create and manage successful online businesses…and help others do the same.

When I built my first website, the process was completely different. The website creation was the hardest part. Getting customers was easy. Back then it was a “You build it, they will come” situation. Today, it is the exact opposite. Building the website is the easiest part now. Ok, maybe not for me because I am a perfectionist. But, they have so many do-it-yourself solutions and templates out there, you can set up any type of website with just a few clicks.

The painful part now is getting the customers to your website versus the competition’s.¬† But how? Pay-per click ads? Directories? Reciprocal linking? Backlinks? Blogging? Social Media? Black hat techniques? White hat techniques? What works now? What doesn’t work now? It’s just seems too overwhelming to even think about. You might even think if you try it yourself you may be wasting your time on the wrong type of marketing.

No one out there can guarantee your website will be on the first page of Google in a certain period of time, if ever. But, with some time and effort in the right areas, any website can be a success.